Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet Potato Fries Over Wilted Kale

I totally made that title up.

We went to a friend's for dinner and I had offered to bring a veggie dish.  But when I looked in the fridge all we had was a bag of kale salad. 
Besides the obvious, what could I do with that?  I wasn't in the mood for a kale salad and didn't think the kids would eat it.

I also had one sweet potato.  So, I got creative and the result was delicious!

First, I washed, but did not peel, my sweet potato.  I cut it into "fries", tossed them in olive oil, and baked them at 400˚ for about 40 min. or until golden and crunchy.

Meanwhile, I sautéed in olive oil a large shallot and added my kale salad, garlic powder, and salt,  cooking until the kale was wilted but still a little crunchy.

When everything was done I put the kale in a pretty bowl, put the sweet potato fries on top, and served.  It was so easy and so yummy.

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