Monday, September 3, 2012

Eating Out

Ever have those days when you are worn out and don't want to cook?  Do you find yourself stressed about where you can take your family to eat healthy, fits-your-lifestyle food?

Me, too!  There are very few places we can go.  Our friends from have put together, a website where you can ask restaurants to serve paleo food.
We're slowly starting to see more restaurants understanding and embracing that people care about what they put in their bodies. You can see this with the slow increase in gluten-free options available at more and more restaurants. While it's a good start, it's not that hard to offer even just a few Paleo options, since most of them already have fresh and whole foods; dairy, grains and legumes are easily left out.
I'd love to have the same confidence eating in a restaurant I have when Brad or I cook at home but without the effort and clean up. When we do go to restaurants I'm not good at ordering specifically: "please saut√© my vegetables in butter rather than canola oil" or "please exchange my potatoes for veggies".  If only you could order straight off the menu and know it would be great!


Here are some good options we've found for eating out:

Chipotle: Food With Integrity
Wahoo's: Wild Caught Fish
Freebird: Food Story
Panera: Hidden Menu

Do you have a favorite restaurant that already has some great paleo meals?  If so, I'd love for you to share with us!

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