Monday, June 11, 2012

Pesto Prawns

I can't stop thinking about this meal.  It was so delicious and so easy!  I trimmed & cut fresh, organic green beans then stir-fried them in olive oil.  Just before my green beans were ready I added my wild-caught, jumbo prawns, about 1T of unsalted butter, about 2T of homemade basil-almond pesto* and stir-fried until just cooked through - do not over heat your prawns.         

Another family winner.  Cooper doesn't like pesto so he could only give the rating 1 3/4 thumbs up!  I'll take it.

*handful of fresh basil, olive oil, raw almonds, salt - blend together - add additional ingredients to taste


  1. You always cook the most yummy things, Sus! I can't wait to try this recipe. What could I serve this with that isn't green beans (hubby isn't a fan)?

    1. Thanks! I'd serve whatever Chris likes - how about asparagus? The only veggie that doesn't sound good with this, to me, is carrots. Let me know what you use and how it turns out.

    2. Amy, I'm making this again tonight but I'm subbing green beans for asparagus. Have you tried it?