Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Are You Doing?

Rib eye, roasted zucchini, and steamed spinach with 100% grass fed butter
My husband started it.  He came across the Bulletproof Executive and began a modified paleo journey.  I thought he was a heart attack waiting to happen.  After he had lost about 20 lbs, I had to follow him.   After a month of following my husband and dragging my kids through a modified paleo diet I dropped 3 sizes.

Our friends began asking, "What are you doing?  You look so great and healthy!"  Then the next question was, "What do I eat?" It was time to start a blog.  Butter in my coffee is from the Bulletproof Executive's intermittent fast.  It takes some getting used to but the rewards are amazing.

We pretty much follow Dave Asprey's (the Bulletproof Executive) food outline.  This is from his website:
"Common dietary mistakes will sap your energy, lower your immunity, and make you cranky. Basic unsuspected foods can make you weak, soft, and fat. Replace them with Bulletproof foods that fill you up, keep you strong, and even make you smarter."
Dave and my husband are way more high-tech than I am.  I just want to know what to make for after school snacks and dinner.  Oh, and what are we feeding the kids for breakfast?  Eggs again?

My hope is to show you there are limitless possibilities and even after working all day you can come home and cook nutritious, healthy, life changing meals for you and your family - even you, Alison!

When I first began my journey I was quickly bored and overwhelmed, rib eye and veggies, again?  What helped me gain perspective was this rule of thumb:
When I get up I have bulletproof coffee and don't eat anything or take any supplements until I'm hungry.
When I'm hungry (usually around "lunch") I have protein and fat - good, healthy protein and fats: avocados, raw almonds, raw cashews, bacon, a 100% grass-fed beef or lamb burger patty, fish, protein drink, etc.  I also take my supplements now.

When I'm hungry next (usually around "dinner") I have protein, fats, and veggies.
In keeping with this theme I can easily provide meals that my family enjoys and  are good for them.

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