Thursday, June 7, 2012


We make a lot of protein shakes (or smoothies as we like to call them).  The kids have them for breakfast and they are often a part of a quick, lunch or after school snack.

 Cooper made his first smoothie...

 and liked it!

Here's his story:

He used a single serving personal blender 
Added Organic Pastures Whole Raw Milk
Organic cocoa powder
Organic vanilla extract
Organic cinnamon
Organic raw almond butter
MCT oil
4 Vitamin D3 drops

I'm not listing the amounts - since we're not counting calories, I don't worry about how much.   
How much you use should depend on how hungry you are and how you want it to taste.  

Blend until smooth.  
Of course, he gives his smoothie 2 thumbs up!

*Upgraded Whey Protein is pricey.  It is most important that all forms of whey protein are cold-processed.  If you are sensitive to dairy use whey protein isolate that is cross-flow microfiltered.

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