Monday, November 4, 2013

Traditional Cranberry Sauce

My husband is becoming less and less frilly with his food.  So, this year we're not adding pears, apples, nuts, chipotles, or anything (almost) to our cranberry sauce.

Photo: Can You Stay For Dinner?

3 cups of fresh cranberries
juice of one orange
zest of one orange
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

  • Combine all ingredients in a saucepan on medium heat.  
  • Cook for about 30 min or until consistency is jam-like. 
Serves 5-8

Double or triple your recipe as needed. Fresh cranberry sauce should be used within a week.

Recipes to gobble it up:

Baked Sweet Potato with Citrus topped with cranberry sauce
As a topping for Coconut Waffles
Add to Apple Cider Vinaigrette and serve with Kale Cranberry Salad
Spread onto warm Apple Cinnamon Muffins


  1. I love a simple, pared down cranberry sauce. Last year was my first "Paleo Thanksgiving," and I made something similar. When I doubled it, I did the second half of the recipe with pomegranate arils and pomegranate juice. And although the whole group at our party said they would not be eating any of mine, and that they "preferred canned" but mine was curiously all gone by the end of the day. :)

  2. Note from Mr. Johnson -

    Mrs. Johnson has kindly simplified many recipes and cut back on the sugar for my sake; I made this recipe tonight and found it delicious after I added a little stevia and more honey to taste. I do like the idea of adding pomegranate, too...